Jivamukti Chant Book (Digital Version)

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Digital Version available in ENGLISH, SPANISH, ITALIAN & JAPANESE as downloadable PDF. 

This small book contains a selection of mantras and prayers drawn from many spiritual traditions. These sacred words are to be used for karmic purification leading to healing, freedom and illumination.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word composed of two sounds: man, which means “mind,” and tra, which means “to cross over.” The literal meaning of the word mantra pertains to that which can help one to cross over and thus be set free from the habitual, unconscious patterns of the mind.

The sacred words in this book are intended to bring the practitioner closer to their divine eternal blissful nature. Chanting tunes the subtle vibrations of the practitioner to the cosmic frequencies. Once tuned, the practitioner can enjoy Yoga—automatic harmony with the Divine, pulsating in the ocean of bliss.

Included in the Jivamukti Chant Book are chants, translations and commentary from the following traditions:

  • Daily Chants, Mantras and Prayers
  • Kirtan Chants
  • English Devotional Songs
  • Christian Tradition
  • Jewish Tradition
  • Buddhist Tradition
  • Sikh Tradition
  • Islamic Tradition
  • Sufi Tradition
  • Yoruba Tradition
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika
DIGITAL VERSION available in English, Spanish, Italian & Japanese!
PRINT VERSION available in English, printed & bound with color cover.