Awaken Fire with Manorama

Awaken Fire with Manorama

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Sanskrit mantras that invoke and praise the sacred fire within. This chanting CD is soothing and healing to the mind and heart.

"Dearest Ma, I am so in love with the fire ceremony CD. I love what I hear and feel in your voice. Thank you for this! - Gauri

Track List:

  1. Vyahrti-Mantra
  2. Gayatri-Mantra
  3. Maha-Mrtyunjaya-Mantra
  4. Agni Hotra Mantra-Sunrise
  5. Agni Hotra Mantra-Sunset
  6. Shanti-Mantra

The director of the School of Sanskrit Studies in NYC, Manorama leads workshops on the Path of Luminous Shabda, a path that combines Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. She teaches in NY at Ananda Ashram, Jivamukti Yoga, Omega Institute, Integral Yoga Institute, Krpalu Institute and Laughing Lotus Yoga. She leads workshops nationally, as well as internationally in Europe and Canada.

Available as an Audio CD or mp3 download! Both include written Sanskrit mantras & translations (digital version includes pdf)