The Magic Ten & Beyond: Practice Video

The Magic Ten & Beyond: Practice Video

  • $9.99

The Magic Ten & Beyond is a simple guide to developing your own individualized daily spiritual practice for greater peace and well-being.

Based on the powerful little book from legendary yoga teacher Sharon Gannon on how to design one's very own daily spiritual practice, incorporating yoga poses and practices, meditation, blessings, and other spiritual practices, to begin the day in a positive and life-affirming place. While many people experience yoga only in yoga studios, Gannon explains that it is highly beneficial to have a private spiritual practice that can be done at home.

In this video class, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher Moritz Ulrich leads you through the ten simple yoga poses Gannon recommends readers do for health and flexibility, as well as guides you through on meditation, blessings, and awareness exercises that can be added to the mix. The Magic Ten & Beyond will helps infuse your day with greater focus, compassion, and joyfulness.

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