Shiksha Patra - 41 Letters of Spiritual Counsel

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These books represent a sacred archive of profound Bhakti knowledge documented by the prolific scholar and practitioner Shyam Das. These books are a treasure and published in limited quantities in India several years ago. They were stored in a sacred space near a 15th century temple in the Vrindavan area. Please note that some of these books may not look brand new as produced in a western publishing house.  Some of them may have minor stains in some areas. Kindly keep this in mind if  you are surprised at the condition of some of the books!

Shri Harirayaji (1590-1711) composed this series of Sanskrit letters sometime in the 17th century.  

The 41 Letters cover a vast array of spiritual subjects such as, how to live a devotional lifestyle, how to live the lila of life, and how to make the necessary adjustments to the various situations that arise in the course of one's personal journey.

This English edition of the Shiksha Patra is the fruit of Shyamdas' lifelong engagement with sacred literature and is the last fully completed translation he has left us with. It includes the most extensive and personal introduction of any of his books.

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