Art of Yoga - signed or original

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A beautiful and inspirational book, The Art of Yoga presents stunning images that capture more than 100 asanas (physical postures) as exhibited by two of the world's best known and most respected teachers of the discipline. The Jivamukti Yoga method is a style of yoga created by Sharon Gannon and David Life in 1984. It is a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating practice leading to spiritual awareness.

The name jivamukti means "liberation while living." Jivamukti is one of the nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga. Gannon and Life have taught such high-profile celebrities as Sting, Madonna, and Christy Turlington, and literally thousands of students regularly attend classes at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in downtown Manhattan. The Art of Yoga represents the culmination of an almost ten-year collaboration by the authors with noted British-born photographer Martin Brading. As each of the magnificent black-and-white images captures the physical intricacy of the position, a brief accompanying text crystallizes its spiritual essence through texts from the Sanskrit.

"150 plus handsome photographs, demonstrating some of the most challenging asanas you'd ever want to see." — Yoga Journal