Chocolate Rose Organic Black Tea ($6.20/oz)

  • $15.40

A perfect blend of decadent chocolate with seductive roses yields the quintessential romantic tea!

Chocolate blended with rose petals and Ceylon tea—at once stimulating, luxurious, delicate and ethereal…a divine, chocolate-y treat

GROWING COUNTRY: Rose (China), Chocolate (Sri Lanka)

The scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma Cacao, which literally means "food of the gods." We're not sure when chocolate was first added to tea, but we do know that flowers were added to tea by the Chinese thousands of years ago. The rose has always been a symbol of love, and rose was one of the first scents to be blended with tea to add an uplifting layer of freshness and delicacy to the Earthiness of black tea. Jivamuktea is taking it a step further by blending a sexy dose of chocolate into the mix. Instead of a box of bonbons and a bouquet of roses, why not consider sipping your way to romance? Be careful - this tea could become your new passion…

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