Hibiscus Organic Herbal Tea ($3.75/oz)

  • $10.50

A lovely, deep red infusion similar to pomegranate but with a pucker like a tart lemonade. Hibiscus is tangy and full of natural Vitamin C.

As a stand-alone tea, the taste is sweet, honey-ish and incredibly fresh. When blended with other herbals or green or black teas, hibiscus imparts an added layer of tart astringency and floral character. We recommend experimentation. Enjoy!

REGION: Nile River, Khartoum

The people of Khartoum, and in fact the people in most of Sudan, are among the most hospitable anywhere on Earth. Sudan is the largest country in Africa, the world's largest Arab country and the 10th largest country overall in the world. No matter which corner you venture into, the inevitable invitation to visit the homes of the Sudanese mean that you will be sitting down to a piping hot cup of caffeine-free karkadeyh (hibiscus in Arabic), a delicious tea made of dried hibiscus.

Hibiscus has long been grown as a minor cash crop in the Sudan. The flower is resistant to drought, easy to grow and as such provides an income for many Sudanese women who tend small plots to supplement their family income.

By the end of the 20th century, finished hibiscus production topped more than 23,000 tons annually. That's a whole lot of karkadeyh. Because the crop is so hardy, it grows very well organically. The flowers are harvested, dried and then transported to the markets of Khartoum, where it is packed and marketed for export. We're very pleased to offer this special product from the farmlands of Sudan.

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