Wild Rose Buds Organic Herbal Tea ($9.25/oz)

  • $21.50

Organic wild rose with a delicate taste. High in antioxidants, good to soothe a sore throat, aid digestion & improve mood.

REGION: Anhi Provience

The rose has always been a symbol of love. The plaster ornament that decorates the center of a Victorian ceiling is known as a ”rose” and recalls an earlier custom: fastening a rose over the dining room table as a sign that all conversation be held in confidence. Rose water is used medicinally and in cooking, and rose petals are used in salads and desserts. Rose petals make a tea that is soothing to a sore throat. The Chinese use rose buds to help with digestion and as tonic for the blood. These particular rose buds are gathered from a small village in the heart of Anhui Province. The villagers, in conjunction with the local tea factory, collect the new buds from wild rose bushes that grow in the surrounding forests. These roses supplement the village income derived from tea propagation.

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