Asana: Sacred Dance of the Yogis

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The enlightened mind realizes that movement and stillness are born of the same source. For thousands of years, yoga asana has been performed publically. It is said: to witness archetypical forms, such as yoga asanas, awakens innate spiritual knowledge from previous lifetimes.

David Life and Sharon Gannon offer three asana dances of extraordinary depth and power.

The Dances:

  • OM NAMAH SHIVA - The Sacred Drama
  • FIELDS OF GOLD - Playful Romanticism
  • PILGRIM'S PROGRESS - The Enchanting Parable

Asana: Sacred Dance of the Yogis Trailer:


Executive Producers: Sharon Gannon & David Life. Choreography: Sharon Gannon & Maher Benham. Produced & Edited: James Carman. Photography: Guzman. Graphics & DVD: Time Traveler Productions. ©2007.