Portable Classic Jivamukti (Digital) Box Set

Portable Classic Jivamukti (Digital) Box Set

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Practice Jivamukti Yoga at home with the ultimate collection – seven yoga classes plus a guided relaxation/meditation. The Portable Jivamukti Yoga Digital Box Set includes the following yoga classes from Jivamukti co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. 

  1. Basic Yoga Class (Life – Audio Only)
  2. Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio/Video)
  3. Chakra Tuning Yoga Class (Life – Audio Only)
  4. Strength and Flexibility Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio Only)
  5. Yoga Class for Busy People (Life – Audio/Video)
  6. Balancing Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio/Video)
  7. Backbending Yoga Class (Life – Audio/Video).
  8. Sharon Gannon’s Guided Relaxation and Meditation (Gannon – Audio Only)

NOTE: This is digital download only, the complete set is no longer available in physical form (some classes in the series are out of print). Digital audio is in mp3 format, digital videos are in mp4 format.
And this set does not include the new Spiritual Warrior Class 8. 

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