Jivamukti Tribe Temporary Tattoos

  • $2.00

Get tribal with our new temporary tattoos! We have teamed up with TribeTats to bring you Jivamukti Temporary Tattoos! Featuring the Jivamukti Snake Logo, "Hot, Hip & Holy", Chakras, Mandalas, Om Symbol and Elephants. 

What's Inside: 
  • 13 metallic tattoos  
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, Navy Blue and Black 
  • No scissors required: Fold-and-tear sheets for easy tattoo separation and sharing
How To Apply:
  1. Fold and tear along perforation lines to separate desired tattoo, and remove the plastic protective film.
  2. Place printed side down on clean, dry skin, and hold down with a wet cloth until tattoo adheres to skin. Peel off paper and allow to dry.
Disclaimers: Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if you are allergic to adhesives. Do not ingest this product.