Asana: Sacred Dance of the Yogis

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David Life and Sharon Gannon offer three asana dances of extraordinary depth and power.

The enlightened mind realizes that movement and stillness are born of the same source. For thousands of years, yoga asana has been performed publically. It is said: to witness archetypical forms, such as yoga asanas, awakens innate spiritual knowledge from previous lifetimes.

The Dances:

  • OM NAMAH SHIVA - The Sacred Drama
  • FIELDS OF GOLD - Playful Romanticism
  • PILGRIM'S PROGRESS - The Enchanting Parable

Asana: Sacred Dance of the Yogis Trailer:


Executive Producers: Sharon Gannon & David Life. Choreography: Sharon Gannon & Maher Benham. Produced & Edited: James Carman. Photography: Guzman. Graphics & DVD: Time Traveler Productions. ©2007.