BUTTER Elixir Body+Hair Oil

  • $42.00
BUTTER Body+Hair Oil is an honest 4 ingredients blend that fuses hydrating and beneficial oils with the relaxing scent of lavender and chamomile to create one of the most coveted moisturizers suitable for all. Made with 100% pure key ingredients delivers long lasting nourishment to your skin and a healthy shine to your hair while calming the mind with a clean sophisticated scent that is both familiar and comforting. 

For the Skin Apply to damp or dry clean skin as a moisturizer, add a few drops to your bathtub or use as magnificent massage oil. You will feel soft and radiant.

For the Hair Apply a generous amount straight from the bottle to nourish and condition, add a few drops to your shampoo or into the palm of your hand for styling and tame frizz. The chamomile will keep your highlights luminous and at its best, the oils will revive and strengthen. Expect great moisture and shine.

For the Nails Revitalizes and nourishes dry nails and cuticles.

For the Beard Use daily for a luxurious finish and softer coarse hair.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Organic California Sweet Almond oil, Cold pressed Moroccan Organic Argan oil, French Lavender and Chamomile Pure essential oils. Formulated and crafted in the USA. This oil is supernatural, preservatives free and minimally processed please use within 3 months.

Container: BPA free 100% recyclable made of post consumer recycled materials.