Chamomile Organic Herbal tea ($4.35/oz)

  • $11.70

Very aromatic with wild apple-like notes. Chamomile is a calming tea and often sipped for relief of many ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia.

Grown in accordance with European organic standards, this pure herbal tea produces a cup that is at once lively and relaxing. On the nose, the cup presents a soothing floral bouquet. On the tongue, the infusion impresses with exceptionally lively honey notes.

REGION: Nile River Delta

The Nile Delta, where the finest chamomile in the world grows, is perhaps the oldest continually farmed piece of land on earth. For at least as far back as 5000 years, farmers have sewn seeds and pruned crops in the Delta, coaxing lush fields of every imaginable variety to bloom and blossom. What made the Delta so fertile? Annual flooding. Every year the Nile would burst its banks and flood the plains alongside the river. River-silt loaded with nutrients and minerals would be carried and deposited along the banks. This silt served as a natural fertilizer for the year’s crops and made the flood a highly anticipated event. Although the 1902 completion of the Aswan dam put an end to annual flood, to this day the Nile Delta is still home to wonderfully rich soil that infuses its agricultural produce with intense flavor. This organic, Egyptian chamomile is a perfect example of the Delta’s agricultural bounty. A freshly brewed cup is as relaxing as watching the sun set over the Nile.

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