Coconut Green Tea ($4.75/oz)

  • $12.50

Rich, creamy coconut blended with delicious green tea reminiscent of sunny, breezy tropical days and nights.

GROWING COUNTRY: Green Tea: China, Coconut: Phillippines

This tea is a magical infusion of mature, tropical coconut and full-bodied, high anti-oxidant green tea, yielding a taste reminiscent of sunny, breezy, tropical days and nights. The rich, creamy coconut tones down the astringency of the tea, giving it a more grounded, earthy texture. At the same time, the tea lifts the coconut, bringing out its essential aroma. Velvety smooth, with a hint of toastiness, this tea promises to uplift the soul and awaken the heart. Our Jivamuktea signature tea—you won’t find this blend anywhere else, at least for now, until it becomes a craze!

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