Intermediate/Advanced Yoga Class with David Life (CD)

  • $9.99

We have a limited stock of this Yoga Class on CD, now out of print! It is the original version of what later became David Life's Chakra Tuning Class

Tune your chakras with this classic yoga class with Jivamukti Yoga founder David Life, featuring a challenging vinyasa sequence set to the music of Bhagavan Das. The CD comes with a booklet, designed by Sharon Gannon & David Life, featuring 190 images of David Life sequentially demonstrating the asanas in the class. The booklet is not available anywhere else!

 Class time is one hour. 

Music: Bhagavan Das. Opening Guru Mantra: Krishna Das. Mixing: Bill Laswell. Engineering: Robert Musso. Digital Mastering: Fred Szymanski. Associate Producer: Janet Rienstra. Cover Photo: Martin Brading. ©Jivamukti Yoga Inc.