Jivamukti NYC Classic: Swami Nirmalananda - The Silent Sage Speaks

Jivamukti NYC Classic: Swami Nirmalananda - The Silent Sage Speaks

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From Sharon Gannon & David Life:
In 1986 we traveled and met Swami Nirmalanada with whom we had corresponded. At that time he was in mauna (observing a vow of silence) for 10 years. He would not allow more than one or two visitors at a time to his ashram, Vishwa Shantih Nikethan in the B.R. Hills of Karnataka South India, and refused photos or any other distractions from his tapasic (intense) sadhana (spiritual practice). Born in Kerala December 2, 1924, Swamiji left his body with a controversial act of prayapravesha (intentional death) on January 10, 1997. He discusses this controversial action on (the first half of the recording) along with meditation instruction, philosophy and biography.

His years of wandering throughout India and the world, visiting over 200 ashrams, Kibbutz' in Israel, Trappist, Carthusian (Greece), Zen (Japan), and Christian (U.S.) monastaries led to meetings with many great spiritual figures such as D.T. Suzuki, Martin Buber, Alan Watts, and others. He finally met and studied with his guru Aryadeva in Darbanga, Bihar. After instruction in the Himalayas he sequestered himself in Bilgiri Rangana Hills for more than 25 years.

This rare recording of Swami Nirmilananda was made by David Life and Sharon Gannon on November 11, 1996, two months before his mahasamadhi (final departure). We asked him if we might record a few of his words to share with others who would never be able to meet him, and he graciously conceded, although we had to keep the recorder out of view, under our clothing, lest he make us stop. Consequently the recording quality is not the best, but the teaching quality is the highest. On (the second half of the recording) Swmiji tells the story of the cobra who stopped hissing and he discusses a letter to Iran with ashram cooking sounds in the background.

Chanting for Swamiji by Solaga Tribals 1/97 field recording by Keshav. ©1999 Jivamukti Yoga. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Running time: 1 hour, 2 minutes. Digital Audio Download (mp3)