Keemun Organic Black Tea ($4.10/oz)

  • $11.20

Full–bodied Chinese tea, crisp and lively with delicious hints of oak and flavor burgundy notes, making a golden red cup of superb tea

It is said that a properly produced Keemun is one of the finest teas in the world, with a complex aromatic and penetrating character often compared to burgundy wines.

REGION: Anhui Province

Traditionally keemuns were used in English Breakfast tea. In the early 1800's tea was such a rage in England there was a concern that the British treasury would be drained because all the silver was being used to pay the Chinese for tea. The Chinese did not need textiles, one of Britain's main exports- so what to do? India and Burma produced significant quantities of opium and in due course China became a major market. The economic circle that evolved was as follows: Opium from India was sent to the British merchants stationed in Canton, China. The Chinese paid for this in silver and the merchants received credits against debts in England. This silver was then used to pay the Chinese for their tea. This practice led to wars between England and China (the "Opium Wars") until 1908 when opium was finally outlawed in China.

Keemun black tea was only produced after 1875. The English palate was finely attuned to fine black tea and Keemun rapidly became an English staple. Keemun is one the longest-keeping black teas. Fine specimens will keep for years if stored properly and take on a mellow wine-like character.

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