Pai Mu Tan Organic White Tea ($4.75/oz)

  • $12.50

Organic White (White Tea)
Highest grade white tea. Clear and pale, with fresh, nutty, caramel aroma and a smooth, velvety flavor, mellow but with a hint of astringency.

In addition to its anticancer properties, White tea has a calming and detoxifying effect on the skin; contains three times the amount of antioxidant polyphenols as green or black tea.

REGION: Fujian Province

This is the highest grade of white tea available before entering the stratospheric pricing of white teas such as Peony White Needle. The leaves of this Pai Mu Tan white are plucked from a special bush called narcissus or chaicha. The leaves are not steamed or pan-fried (the process used in green teas), but rather naturally withered and dried in the sun. If mechanical drying is required it is a baking process at temperatures less than 40 degrees Centigrade. Only special “two leaves and a bud” are selected. These leaves must show a very light green, almost gray, color and be covered with velvety, peach-fuzz-like down. White teas that are withered in conditions that are too hot become reddish, and in conditions that are too cold they will become blackish. You will see on this Pai Mu Tan that the tea maker struck the perfect balance between solar and indoor withering, resulting in a perfect white tea. The Western cosmetic industry has recently discovered the benefits of white tea. White tea is especially potent in that it has three times as many antioxidant polyhenols as green or black tea and has been shown to be 100% more effective in mopping up the free radicals that cause skin to sag. Some of the world's top cosmetic companies are becoming interested in white tea for skin creams, and the result is that high grade white tea is becoming even rarer than before.

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