Peach Apricot Organic Black Tea ($4.35/oz)

  • $11.70

Ceylon tea blended with lusciously sweet peach essence enhanced with full flavor apricots. A delicious aroma portends a cup of ecstasy.


Did you know that this tea is lucky? First of all it's organic, so no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used in its manufacture. Ok. That is the result of careful organic processes more than luck, but it's still a good thing! The luck comes from the peach and apricot essences that are layered into this Ceylon black. Both of these fruits have been considered lucky by various cultures over centuries. Ancient Japanese folklore tells the tale of Momotaro, the ”Peach Boy” born from an enormous peach his parents found floating down a river. Legends tell of Momotaro's great adventures to help bring prosperity and peace to both his parents and his village. Half a world away, in old England, old tales deem apricots to be good luck when they turn up in dreams. The ancients believed that such a dream would result in immediate prosperity and recognition for your deeds. Certain legends indicate that King Arthur himself dreamt of apricots regularly. Why not try your luck with a cup of this tea?

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