Portable Jivamukti Box Set

Portable Jivamukti Box Set

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  • Save $165

Practice Jivamukti Yoga at home with the ultimate collection – seven yoga classes plus a guided relaxation/meditation. The Portable Jivamukti Yoga Box Set includes the following yoga classes from Jivamukti co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. 

  1. Basic Yoga Class (Life – Audio Only)
  2. Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio/Video)
  3. Chakra Tuning Yoga Class (Life – Audio Only)
  4. Strength and Flexibility Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio Only)
  5. Yoga Class for Busy People (Life – Audio/Video)
  6. Balancing Yoga Class (Gannon – Audio/Video)
  7. Backbending Yoga Class (Life – Audio/Video).
  8. Sharon Gannon’s Guided Relaxation and Meditation (Gannon – Audio Only)

Digital audio is in mp3 format, digital videos are in mp4 format.

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