Aroma Spray: "Relax" (Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood)

  • $15.00

Let our Jivamukti Aromatherapy Line lift your spirits and direct your subconscious as you step into a more mindful space.

The highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils are swirled into magical blends that each set a specific tone or mood. All of these essential oils are cold pressed and steam distilled from roots, bark, resin, flowers, stems, leaves or herbs, then mixed with purified water.

Relax (Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood)
Lavender and Clary Sage together calm the nerves and have a potent tranquilizing effect.
Sandalwood relaxes the mind, body and spirit, releases the ego and encourages contemplation.
The three together create a soothing and sacred atmosphere that encourage physical, emotional and spiritual connections to unfold.

4 fl oz.

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