The Spoken Word Series: Interview with David Life (Volume 3)

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This interview with Jivamukti Yoga co-founder David Life covers the Jivamukti method, India, meditation, guru, explanation of asanas' effect, and why yoga is so popular in these times. Given in 2003 at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco in front of a live studio audience for radio broadcast.

  1. Why Is Yoga So Popular 0:51
  2. What are People Looking For 1:03
  3. What the Postures Do 2:20
  4. Ancient to Practical 1:49
  5. Incorporating the Spiritual 2:16
  6. What Does Jivamukti Mean 1:42
  7. Creating the Jivamukti Method 4:48
  8. Studying in India 1:36
  9. What is Guru 3:46
  10. Meditation is Necessary 0:40
  11. Does One Need a Guru 4:55
  12. Healed and Whole 1:56
  13. On Franchising 3:36
  14. Music in Yoga 2:46
  15. AUM 2:04
  16. Ashtanga Yoga 1:10
  17. Hinduism and God 3:46
  18. The Present Moment 1:58
  19. Mind and Thoughts 3:30
  20. Ahimsa 2:49
  21. Vegan, Politics, and Action 3:29
  22. Compassion Is 2:24
  23. Cult of Personality 1:33
  24. Big Fun, Non-Yogic 1:02

David Life is the co-creator of the Jivamukti Yoga Method, which is a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings and one of the fastest growing and most highly regarded modern approaches to the ancient art of yoga. He is a pioneer in teaching yoga as spiritual activism/activation, recognized as an “innovator” by TIME magazine. Vanity Fair magazine credits he and Gannon with making Yoga "cool and hip". He travels extensively, teaching and presenting at American, European, Canadian, South American and Asian conferences.

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