The Spoken Word Series: Animal Rights (Volume 1)

  • $4.99

Articulate spoken word from Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, two of the most compelling, provocative yoga masters of our time. Compilation includes insights and facts regarding the subject of a vegetarian diet for human beings, especially those interested in yoga. Digital Download.

  1. What We Mean By Animal Rights 4:10
  2. Sharon's Story 3:09
  3. Root Causes 1:19
  4. Eating Animals Effects Everyone 2:31
  5. Where Will All The Cows Go 1:56
  6. Breeding & Husbandry 2:21
  7. Too Extreme 2:43
  8. What If It Was Your Child 1:44
  9. Put A Human There 1:36
  10. Sacredness of Food 1:26
  11. Harmony with People 2:31

Gives incredible and poignant facts and realizations about the practices of yoga. An indispensable tool for teachers and students alike, as well as education for those who are practicing a vegetarian diet and desire some guidance on how to speak about their choice with others.