Velvet Butterfly Organic Oolong Tea ($7.25/oz)

  • $17.50


REGION: Fujian Province—WuYi Mountains. How does it taste? Imagine if velvet took a liquid form, then stir in a dose of creamy orchids the kind that attract the most discriminating of butterflies—that’s how this dreamy tea tastes. Totally vegan—natural occurring “milk” flavor brews to a graceful golden yellow color.

The naturally creamy, milky flavor of this tea is the result of a sudden shift in temperature during the time of the tea harvest. How did this shift in temperature occur? The legend blames it on the Moon. The story goes something like this: The moon fell in love with a comet passing by through the night sky. As the moon yearned to come closer to her beloved comet, the comet, as comets tend to do, burned out and vanished. The moon was plunged into intense sorrow; tears of longing washed down her pale white face while her body ached, shuddered and sighed—causing a great wind to blow through the hills bringing about a sudden drop in temperature to the area in the mountains where the tea was growing. When the tea pickers collected the tea-leaves that had been touched by the moon-wind and brewed the tea, to their surprise, the tea had developed a unique creamy, milky-teary flavor. Each sip increases the hearts’ desire for true love.

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