Yoga at Home

Yoga at Home

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Featuring 4 Jivamukti Yoga teachers! Sharon Gannon, David Life, Jules Febre and Giselle Mari.

Along with exercises and advice from famous yoga teachers and practitioners such as Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Shiva Rea, and Elena Brower, the book features never-before-seen pose sequences showing these teachers practicing their favorite yoga poses in their homes and exploring the ways in which they use their personal spaces to complement their yoga routines.

Yoga at Home features Sharon gannon's Magic 10 Sequence including asana photos, Sanskrit and English pose names, and suggested number of breaths to take in each posture.

“In Yoga at Home, author Linda Sparrowe presents 55 yogis who open their homes and hearts to offer tips for readers who want to discover their own personal practices, rather than simply repeating what they practice in class. Yoga at Home is richly produced with color photos that demonstrate just how little space is needed for a home practice. All the teachers encourage readers to start in a way that supports the time they can devote to home practice, among life’s many requirements. The idea is that every experience is new and can produce observations that yogis may not otherwise recognize. For example, many of the teachers encourage readers to practice in the presence of their children, pets, and partners, and to notice the effect on the whole home. Yoga at Home is presented in an open and conversational tone, encouraging readers to explore their spiritual nature.”

-New York Journal of Books